The Guild AGM will be held in Peterborough on Saturday 11th June 2022. The timetable is:


Peterborough St Mary

Open Ringing


Peterborough Cathedral

Open Ringing


Peterborough St John

Service Ringing


Peterborough St John

Service, followed by tea

18:00 Peterborough St John Meeting
followed by evening ringing

Names for tea to the This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. by previous Thursday.

Parking recommendation is to use the Wellington Street Car Park across the roundabout from St Mary's church. Post code PE1 5DU or w3w: sage.slip.vows


Proposed Rule Changes


According to section F of the Guild rules, notice of a rule change is given one month in advance and requires a 2/3rd majority of those voting in order to be passed.  Notice is hereby given and the two rule changes will be on the agenda for the Guild Annual General Meeting on 1tth June 2022:


Motion 1:

The Executive Committee, with the approval of the General Management Committee, propose to change the Name and Object of the Bell Fund by the addition of the following rule at part A.1:
e) The provision of sound insulation and management directly associated with ringing the bells
The revised Bell Fund Name and Object is shown below with the addition highlighted.



1       The Fund shall be known as the PETERBOROUGH DIOCESAN GUILD OF CHURCH BELL RINGERS BELL FUND and registered as an associated Charity with the Guild.  It shall exist to assist the Church within the Diocese of Peterborough in:

a       The preservation of redundant bells;

b       The repair, restoration and augmentation of existing bells;

c       The provision of new bells;

d       Other work directly associated with the repair, restoration, augmentation or provision of bells;

e       The provision of sound insulation and management directly associated with ringing the bells.

This addition will increase the scope of the Bell Fund and will enable the Bell Fund to support the objectives of the Guild more fully.

In the past, standalone activity relating to changing the sound of the bells, both internal and externally, would have fallen outside the scope of the rules and would not have been eligible for a grant from the Bell Fund. Sound improvement works associated with a larger project would have been eligible and funded as part of the larger scope of works. This rule change is to allow standalone sound improvement activity to be eligible for a grant in its own right.

As we move forwards, there will be an increasing need to ensure that the bells we have are ringable and useable; controlling sound can be an important part of this. The additional object is phrased to include activity to control sound that exits the tower; for example to reduce the volume in order to mitigate against complaints or to increase the potential availability of the bells by being able to ring them more often in a quietened state.

The object is also phrased in order for internal acoustic work to be within scope. A ring of bells that are too quiet to hear clearly, too loud to ring comfortably or too uneven to hear properly are all difficult to ring. In such towers the ringing experience and the quality of ringing could all be improved by internal acoustic work.

The proposed rule change supports the Guild’s objectives, most notably to encourage the art of ringing and to help ringers improve their standard of ringing.

If this Rule Change is passed, updated Guidance notes to support applications for grants against the updated rules will be available after the AGM.


Motion 2:

Proposed by the Peal Secretary, to support the reduction of the peal fee which came into effect on 1st January 2022:

The modification is to distinguish between peals ring within the Guild area and those outside.


      17      To be recognised, peals rung for the Guild must conform to the decisions of the Central Council for Church Bell Ringers.

a       For peals rung at towers or venues within the Guild, all those taking part shall be members of the Guild and at least two shall be Life Honorary or Ringing Members.

b       For peals rung at towers or venues outside the Guild, all those taking part shall be members of the Guild and at least half shall be Life Honorary or Ringing Members.