Trent Valley Association
EMPINGHAM, Rutland, St Peter
Tuesday 29 November, 2022 in 3h4 (15-2-9 in F#)
5040 Surprise Minor (7m)
(One extent each Lincoln, Northumberland, Wooler, Warkworth, Lightfoot, Primrose, Bourne.)
  1 Nicola J Turner
  2 Ruth Curtis
  3 Ian Butters
  4 Paul F Curtis
  5 Robert J Crocker
  6 Peter G C Ellis (C)
Ringing World page ref: 5825.1213

Peterborough Diocesan Guild
EMPINGHAM, Rutland, St Peter
Saturday 31 August, 2002 in 2h53 (15-2-9 in F#)
5040 Empingham Hybrid Minor
(7 different extents)
  1 Elizabeth A Betts
  2 Sally A Mason
  3 Victoria Samson
  4 Michael D Fiander
  5 David Kingman
  6 Paul M Mason (C)
Rung in celebration of the Queen`s Golden Jubilee.
First peal in the method.
Empingham Hybrid Minor:
f 34-34.16-56-1236-12.1234-1234.1256-1236-56-16.34-34.12
Ringing World page ref: 4769.0970