Ancient Society of College Youths
OUNDLE, Northamptonshire, St Peter
Sunday 31 December, 2023 in 3h28 (25-1-11 in Db)
5056 Cambridge Surprise Major
Comp: Richard I Allton (No 752)
  1 Simon J Dixon
  2 Helena M Thorpe
  3 Toby A Bence
  4 Robert Dennis
  5 Nicholas R Wilson
  6 James F Thorpe
  7 A John Stanworth
  8 Richard I Allton (C)
For Christmas.
A compliment to Dickon Love and David Town, members of this Society, who were awarded MBE and BEM respectively in the New Years Honours 2024.
Ringing World page ref: 5882.0057

Peterborough Diocesan Guild
OUNDLE, Northamptonshire, St Peter
Monday 24 December, 2012 in 3h21 (25-1-11)
5088 Bristol Surprise Major
Comp: D F Morrison (#55)
  1 Paul M Mason
  2 Susan E Marsden
  3 Richard I Allton
  4 Richard C Smith
  5 Christopher N McCarthy
  6 Richard A Smith
  7 Michael G Purday (C)
  8 Andrew B Mills
Rung for Christmas and to celebrate the Diamond Jubilee.
Ringing World page ref: 5309.0088

Oxford Diocesan Guild
OUNDLE, Northamptonshire, St Peter
Saturday 23 July, 1988 in 3h36 (25-1-11 in Db)
5088 Bristol Surprise Major
Comp: Ian M Holland
  1 Stephanie J Kenton
  2 David J Dearnley
  3 Frederick R Scott
  4 David G Carling
  5 Peter G C Ellis
  6 Colin M Turner
  7 John R Martin (C)
  8 Peter Bridle

Peterborough Diocesan Guild
OUNDLE, Northamptonshire, St Peter
Saturday 22 December, 1984 in 3h32 (25-1-11 in Db)
5056 Yorkshire Surprise Major
Comp: Murray A Coleman
  1 James Hedgcock
  2 Robert L Piron
  3 Michael D Fiander
  4 Mike Pidd
  5 David J Garton
  6 J Michael Roberts
  7 Robert J Crocker
  8 Murray A Coleman (C)

Worcestershire & Districts Association
OUNDLE, Northamptonshire, St Peter
Saturday 26 July, 1975 in 3h20 (25-1-11 in Db)
5090 Cambridge Surprise Major
Comp: B D Price
  1 Hilda C Taylor
  2 Malcolm P Taylor
  3 Christopher Davis
  4 Paul A Thompson
  5 Richard J Clements
  6 Andrew D Evans
  7 Ian Westwood
  8 Bernard H Taylor (C)

Peterborough Diocesan Guild
OUNDLE, Northamptonshire, St Peter
Saturday 7 March, 1936 in 3h28 (25-1-11 in Db)
5040 Stedman Triples
Comp: Thurstans' Four-part
  1 Evelyn Steel
  2 Henry W Gayton
  3 Charles W Clarke
  4 Charles W Bird
  5 Burley P Morris
  6 William J Whitmore
  7 Walter Perkins (C)
  8 G Dennis Deighton
Charles W Clarke first learned to handle a bell at this tower nearly 53 years ago, and the bell he rang to this peal was the one he was taught on. Miss Evelyn Steel is the first lady to ring a peal on these bells.
Ringing World page ref: 1304.0188

Central Northamptonshire Association
OUNDLE, Northamptonshire, St Peter
Saturday 1 June, 1901 in 3h8 (25-1-11 in Db)
5040 Grandsire Triples
Comp: Holt's Ten-Part
  1 Walter Gilbert
  2 William R Hensher
  3 James Houghton Jnr
  4 Thomas R Hensher
  5 Walter Perkins
  6 William J Gilbert
  7 Charles R Lilley (C)
  8 Henry Stubbs
Fiftieth peal: 5.
This is the first peal on this magnificent peal of eight, which are without doubt one of the finest-toned peals in tbe country, although they require the serious attention of the bell-hanger very badly.
Messrs Gilbert (2) and Stubbs hail from Raunds; Perkins from Finedon; W R Hensher from Kettering; T R Hensher from Rushden; J Houghton, jnr. from Irthlingborough; C R Lilley from Bedford.
Printed in Bell News on 15th June 1901 (1001.80).
(The following correspondence was printed in Bell News of 22nd June 1901 (1002.89):- The Recent Peal at Oundle, Northants. Sir, — I was much gratified to see in your issue of last week an account of a peal of Grandsire Triples being rung at Oundle by members of the Central Northamptonshire Association. I hope this visit of change-ringers will lead to a revival of the art of ringing by method in this old town, and the proper repair of its beautiful ring of bells. The noted schools at Oundle are under tbe control of the Grocers’ Company of London, and they, surely, would help in such a desirable object. Some years ago a boy belonging to the schools (which are situate near the church) climbed the tall spire (mounting it by means of the crockets) and placed his cap on the weather vane. Oundle bells as at present hanging are dated as follows : Treble, second and third all cast by Mears and Stainbank, 1869; fourth by Thomas Eayre, 1735; fifth by same founder, 1742; sixth by Joseph Eayre, 1763; seventh by Thomas Osborne, 1801; tenor by Mears and Stainbank, 1869. The exact weight of the present tenor as given by the founders is 26 cwt. 1 qr. 9 lbs. The old tenor was cast by Thomas Eayre, 1748. A fire occurred in the tower in August 1868, which, amongst other damage, cracked the three first bells and the old tenor. Hence the recasting in 1869. Previous to 1780 there were only six bells at Oundle. In that year two trebles were, evidently, added to the old ring of six by Thomas Osborn of Downham. The old third bell (the treble of the old ring of six) was dated 1688, and was cast by Henry Bagley. That well-known and popular ringer (in this district) Mr C W Clarke, of Bedford, is a native of Oundle. It is, therefore, nice to see that the Bedfordshire Association was represented in the first peal ever rung on Oundle bells. Wellingborough, June 16th. E J Dennes.)