Peterborough Diocesan Guild
LILBOURNE, Northamptonshire, All Saints
Sunday 5 November, 2023 in 2h53 (10-0-0 in G)
5040 Doubles (21m)
(2 extents each Twineham B, Bampton P, Fifield B, St Ouen P, Hertfordshire B, Lancashire B, Herefordshire B, Nottinghamshire B, St Simon's B, St Martin's B, St Osmund B, Eynesbury B, Westminster II B, Blackburn P, St Hilary B, Dragon P, New B, Huntspill B, St Vedast B, Blaisdon B; 240 Grandsire)
  1 Paul M Mason (C)
  2 Simon J Dixon
  3 Nicholas R Wilson
  4 Paul McNutt
  5 Richard I Allton
Rung for the Patronal Festival.
Ringing World page ref: 5875.1165

Peterborough Diocesan Guild
LILBOURNE, Northamptonshire, All Saints
Sunday 24 November, 2019 in 2h50 (10 in G)
5040 Doubles (14m)
(Three extents each Westminster, Blackburn, St Hilary, Dragon, St Nicholas, Winchendon, St Remigius, Huntley, St Simon's, St Martin's, St Osmund, Eynesbury, Reverse Canterbury, Plain.)
  1 Sally A Brown
  2 Paul M Mason
  3 Nicholas A Churchman
  4 Adam R Crocker
  5 Peter G C Ellis (C)
Rung for the Service of Remembrance and Thanksgiving.
Ringing World page ref: 5668.1212

St Blaise Society
LILBOURNE, Northamptonshire, All Saints
Saturday 28 December, 2013 in 2h46 (10 cwt)
5040 Doubles (21m)
(1,2 Reverse Bob. 3,4 Canterbury Place. 5,6 Grandsire, Pitman's 240. 7,8 New Bob. 9,10 Huntspill Bob. 11,12 St Vedast Bob 13,14 Blaisdon Bob. 15,16 Plain Bob. 17,18 St Simon's Bob. 19,20 St Martin's Bob. 21,22 St Osmund Bob. 23,24 Eynesbury Bob. 25,26 Westminster Bob. 27,28 Blackburn Place Bob. 29,30 St Hilary Bob. 31,32 Dragon Place Bob. 33,34 Reverse Canterbury Pleasure Place. 35,36 St Nicholas Bob. 37,38 Winchendon Place. 39,40 St Remigius Bob. 41,42 Huntley Place.)
  1 Nicola J Turner
  2 Colin M Turner
  3 Colin F Salter
  4 George M Salter
  5 David G Salter (C)
Ringing World page ref: 5360.0059

Peterborough Diocesan Guild
LILBOURNE, Northamptonshire, All Saints
Saturday 8 December, 2012 in 2h46 (10)
5040 Doubles (19m)
(2 extents each: Grandsire, Westminster Bob, Blackburn Place, St Hilary Bob, Dragon Place, New Bob, Huntspill Bob, St Vedast Bob, Blaisdon Bob, St Nicholas Bob, Winchendon Place, St Remigius Bob, Huntley Place, Reverse Canterbury Pleasure Place, Plain Bob; 3 extents each: St Simon's Bob, St Martin's Bob, St Osmund Bob, Eynesbury Bob.)
  1 Robin Wilson
  2 Michael D Fiander
  3 Robert J Crocker (C)
  4 David P Westerman
  5 Peter M Fleckney
In celebration of the 250th anniversary of the installation of the bells, and the restoration in November 2012 by A Nicholson.
Ringing World page ref: 5306.0010

Peterborough Diocesan Guild
LILBOURNE, Northamptonshire, All Saints
Tuesday 17 May, 1949 in 2h45 (10 in G)
5040 Doubles (6m)
(Containing 2 extents Stedman, 4 each of St Simon's, Canterbury Pleasure, April Day and Plain Bob, and 12 spliced 240s of Grandsire 4 each Morris's, Price's and Pitman,s)
  1 Kilby R Holtom
  2 Ernest Morris (C)
  3 Percy Amos
  4 Stanley M Ruddlesden
  5 Arthur Millward
First peal of Doubles in 6 methods - 1,3. First peal on the bells since 1912. Farewell to the Bishop of Peterborough.
Ringing World page ref: 1991.0257

LILBOURNE, Northamptonshire, All Saints
Saturday 7 December, 1912 in 3h16 (12-0-0 in G)
5040 Grandsire Doubles
  1 Reginald J Lawman (C)
  2 John Lawman
  3 John H Hipwell
  4 William T R Egan
  5 Albert E Tomes
First peal by all and on the bells.
Rung as a farewell peal to Albert E Tomes, who has joined the Birmingham Police Force.
This band was taught change ringing by Messrs White and Hessian of the St Andrew`s Society, Rugby.
Ringing World page ref: 96.4.0000