HARDINGSTONE, Northamptonshire
Wednesday 7 October, 2009 ()
1260 3 Doubles ( Stedman, Grandsire, Plain)
  1 James R L Ingham
  2 Mary Rixon
  3 Joyce Cornwall
  4 Barry Cowper
  5 David Cornwall (C)

Birmingham University Society
HARDINGSTONE, Nhants, St Edmund
Saturday 5 March, 2005 in 0h57 (12cwt)
1260 Grandsire Doubles
  1 Simon D G Webb
  2 Matthew D Hardy
  3 Alban D Forster (C)
  4 David A C Matthews
  5 Samuel M Austin
The band would like to associate this 1/4 with Edwin Carter, who when learning to ring managed to remove a carved angel from the font using his rope at this tower.