Map of Towers

(Coloured by branch)

Guild Towers

The 271 towers:

Alderton, S Margaret (GF) 57-2-23 in G#ToNN12 7LP
Aldwincle, S Peter (GF) 512-2-15 in GThNN14 3UU
Arthingworth, S Andrew 610-3-12 in F#KeLE16 8NJ
Ashby St Ledgers, Blessed Virgin Mary & S Leodegarius (GF) 412 cwt in FDaCV23 8UN
Ashley, S Mary V (GF) 57-0-8 in AKeMonLE16 8HF
Ashton, S Michael & All Angels 57-0-17 in CToWedNN7 2JJ
Ashwell, S Mary (GF) (u/r) 69¾ cwt in GRuLE15 7LP
Aynho, S Michael 816-1-20 in FCuTueOX17 3BG
Ayston, S Mary V (GF) [CCT] 412-2-7 in GRuLE15 9AE
Badby, S Mary (GF) 614-0-11 in EDaWedNN11 3AR
Bainton, S Mary (GF) (u/r) 411 cwt in PePE9 3AQ
Barby, S Mary (GF) 515-0-3 in FDaMonCV23 8TY
Barnack, S John Bapt (GF) 68-2-7 in G#PePE9 3DN
Barrowden, S Peter (GF) 69-3-17 in G#RuLE15 8ED
Barton Seagrave, S Botolph 89-1-22 in AKeMonNN15 6SZ
Belton in Rutland, S Peter (GF) 610-0-24 in GRuLE15 9JT
Benefield, S Mary V 67-3-6 in GPeMonPE8 5AF
Blakesley, S Mary (GF) 512 cwt in F#ToNN12 8RA
Blisworth, S John Bapt (GF) 612-2-25 in FToWedNN7 3BJ
Boughton, S John Bapt (GF) 56-0-18 in BNoThuNN2 8SF
Bozeat, S Mary 616-2-6 in EWeThuNN29 7NE
Brackley, S Peter 813-2-27 in FCuMonNN13 7BZ
Bradden, S Michael (GF) 58-3-2 in B♭ToWedNN12 8ED
Brafield on the Green, S Laurence 612-0-7 in FNoWedNN7 1BB
Brampton Ash, S Mary 611-1-2 in GKeLE16 8PD
Braunston, All Saints 615-1-6 in FDaThuNN11 7HS
Braunston, All Saints (GF) 610-0-25 in GRuWedLE15 8QS
Brigstock, S Andrew (GF) 813-3-4 in EThMonNN14 3JH
Brixworth, All Saints 616-0-10 in EGuFriNN6 9BZ
Brooke, S Peter (GF) 68-1-2 in ARuWedLE15 8DE
Broughton, S Andrew (u/r) 510 cwt in AKeNN14 1NZ
Bugbrooke, S Michael & All Angels (GF) 514-0-14 in FDaMonNN7 3RG
Bulwick, S Nicholas (GF) 610-0-27 in F#PeWedNN17 3DY
Burton Latimer, S Mary V 810-0-13 in FKeThuNN15 5LU
Byfield, Holy Cross 812-1-17 in FDaFriNN11 6XN
Caldecott, S John Ev (GF) 68-0-15 in GRuLE16 8RX
Castle Ashby, S Mary Magd (GF) 519-2-24 in E♭WeNN7 1LQ
Castor, S Kyneburgha 810-0-9 in GPeMonPE5 7AX
Chacombe, S Peter & S Paul (GF) 613-3-8 in FCuWedOX17 2JS
Charwelton, Holy Trinity (GF) 510-2-16 in A♭CuNN11 3YS
Chelveston, S John Bapt (u/r) 58 cwt in AWeNN9 6AT
Chipping Warden, S Peter & S Paul 512-1-5 in FCuThuOX17 1JU
Church Brampton, S Botolph 59-1-2 in GNoNN6 8AT
Church Stowe, S Michael (GF) (u/r) 513-3-12 in GDaNN7 4SG
Clipston, All Saints 513-3-0 in F#GuLE16 9RW
Cogenhoe, S Peter (GF) 68-1-14 in ANoMonNN7 1NA
Cold Ashby, S Denys (GF) 66½ cwt in AGuMonNN6 6EN
Cold Higham, S Luke (GF) 68-0-21 in A♭ToNN12 8LR
Collingtree, S Columba (GF) 512-2-2 in GNoTueNN4 0PR
Corby, S John Bapt (GF) 67-3-19 in B♭KeWedNN17 1XF
Cosgrove, S Peter & S Paul 610-0-26 in GToMonMK19 7JA
Cotterstock, S Andrew (GF) 68-1-21 in APePE8 5HH
Cottesbrooke, All Saints (GF) 814-0-21 in FGuNN6 8PQ
Cottesmore, S Nicholas 614-0-3 in FRuThuLE15 7BW
Cottingham, S Mary Magd (GF) 511-1-10 in A♭KeLE16 8XU
Courteenhall, S Peter & S Paul (GF) 512-0-26 in F#NoNN7 2QE
Cranford St Andrew, S Andrew (GF) (u/r) [CCT] 47 cwt in KeNN14 4AL
Cranford St John, S John Bapt (GF) 69-1-2 in GKeNN14 4AE
Cransley, S Andrew (GF) 69-2-9 in G#KeTueNN14 1PX
Creaton, S Michael & All Angels (GF) 67½ cwt in AGuWedNN6 8NA
Crick, S Margaret 811-0-19 in F#GuThuNN6 7TP
Croughton, All Saints (GF) 59-3-18 in GCuTueNN13 5LS
Culworth, S Mary V (GF) 512-3-10 in ECuOX17 2AU
Daventry, Holy Cross 1018-3-11 in E♭DaTueNN11 4FL
Deene, S Peter [CCT] 610-1-12 in F#ThNN17 3EH
Denford, Holy Trinity (GF) (u/r) 67 cwt in B♭ThNN14 4ED
Denton, S Margaret (u/r) 35 cwt in CNoNN7 1DG
Desborough, S Giles 89-2-4 in GKeMonNN14 2XQ
Dingley, All Saints (GF) 58 cwt in A♭KeLE16 8PG
Dodford, S Mary V (GF) 613 cwt in FDaNN7 4SU
Draughton, S Catherine (GF) 46 cwt in BGuNN6 9JQ
Duston, S Luke (GF) 68-0-1 in B♭NoThuNN5 6RZ
Earls Barton, All Saints 811-3-25 in F#WeThuNN6 0JJ
East Carlton, S Peter (u/r) 69 cwt in G#KeLE16 8YA
East Farndon, S John Bapt (GF) 67-0-6 in B♭GuLE16 9SU
East Haddon, S Mary V 615-0-22 in EGuWedNN6 8BU
Easton Maudit, S Peter & S Paul (GF) 514-1-10 in FWeNN29 7NR
Easton Neston, S Mary (GF) 89-2-6 in GToTueNN12 7HS
Easton on the Hill, All Saints (GF) 611-0-16 in F#PeWedPE9 3NZ
Ecton, S Mary Magd 615-2-20 in EWeWedNN6 0QE
Edgcote, S James (GF) (u/r) 48¼ cwt in G#CuOX17 1AG
Edith Weston, S Mary 67-0-13 in ARuLE15 8EY
Empingham, S Peter 615-2-9 in F#RuLE15 8PW
Evenley, S George 56-3-26 in ACuTueNN13 5SG
Everdon, S Mary BV (GF) 519-1-3 in EDaMonNN11 3DT
Exton, S Peter & S Paul 612-2-10 in GRuLE15 8AX
Eydon, S Nicholas (GF) 69-2-20 in GCuTueNN11 3PQ
Farthinghoe, S Michael & All Angels (GF) (u/r) 511 cwt in G#CuNN13 5PN
Farthingstone, S Mary V (GF) 56-0-3 in BDaNN12 8EZ
Fawsley, S Mary V (GF) 411-1-4 in G#DaNN11 3BS
Finedon, S Mary V 821-2-23 in DWeThuNN9 5NR
Flore, All Saints 612-2-27 in F#DaMonNN7 4LZ
Fotheringhay, S Mary & All Saints 610-1-19 in F#PeWedPE8 5HZ
Gayton, S Mary (GF) 613-1-25 in F#ToNN7 3HP
Geddington, S Mary Magd 611-3-17 in F#KeNN14 1AN
Glapthorn, S Leonard 35 cwt in BPePE8 5BE
Glaston, S Andrew (GF) 67-1-22 in B♭RuLE15 9BN
Glinton, S Benedict (GF) 614-3-5 in EPeThuPE6 7JN
Grafton Regis, S Mary 59-0-2 in G#ToNN12 7SS
Grafton Underwood, S James Ap (GF) 57-0-11 in B♭KeNN14 3AA
Great Addington, All Saints (GF) 610-0-12 in A♭ThMonNN14 4BS
Great Billing, S Andrew 313 cwt in GNoNN3 9EE
Great Brington, S Mary (GF) 617-2-2 in EDaNN7 4JB
Great Casterton, S Peter & S Paul (GF) 65-1-18 in A♭RuThuPE9 4AN
Great Doddington, S Nicholas (GF) 55-3-4 in B♭WeNN29 7TR
Great Harrowden, All Saints (u/r) 39 cwt in GWeNN9 5AA
Great Oakley, S Michael (GF) 35-2-18 in BKeNN18 8HN
Great Oxendon, S Helen (GF) 57-0-2 in A♭GuLE16 8NB
Greatworth, S Peter 66-3-11 in BCuMonOX17 2DU
Greens Norton, S Bartholomew (GF) 610-1-22 in A♭ToThuNN12 8BL
Greetham, S Mary V (GF) 610-1-5 in A♭RuLE15 7NX
Grendon, S Mary 614-0-10 in F#WeTueNN7 1JE
Gretton, S James Gt (GF) 58-2-24 in A♭RuNN17 3DE
Guilsborough, S Etheldreda (GF) 68-1-24 in A♭GuMonNN6 8QA
Hambleton, S Andrew (GF) 510-2-6 in GRuTueLE15 8TL
Hardingstone, S Edmund 512 cwt in F#NoNN4 6BZ
Hargrave, All Saints 47 cwt in A#ThThuNN9 6BH
Harlestone, S Andrew (GF) 620-0-9 in E♭NoNN7 4EN
Harpole, All Saints 612-1-12 in F#NoThuNN7 4BY
Harrington, S Peter & S Paul (u/r) 68 cwt in B♭KeNN6 9NX
Harringworth, S John Bapt (GF) 610-2-4 in FRuMonNN17 3AF
Haselbech, S Michael (GF) 815-0-12 in F#GuFriNN6 9LJ
Hellidon, S John Bapt (GF) 58-0-24 in A♭DaTueNN11 6LH
Helmdon, S Mary Magd 610-1-4 in GCuSatNN13 5QN
Hemington, S Peter & S Paul (u/r) 45 cwt in CPePE8 5QJ
Higham Ferrers, S Mary V 1022-1-0 in E♭WeTueNN10 8BT
Irchester, S Katharine (GF) 821-1-20 in DWeFriNN29 7AJ
Irthlingborough, S Peter 810-1-4 in GWeWedNN9 5SD
Isham, S Peter (GF) 69-1-0 in GKeMonNN14 1HL
Islip, S Nicholas 612-2-9 in F#ThNN14 3JR
Kelmarsh, S Denys (GF) 69 cwt in G#GuNN6 9LY
Kettering, S Peter & S Paul 1221-1-2 in E♭KeThuNN16 0AQ
Ketton, S Mary the Virgin (Chime) 610-0-20 in F#RuPE9 3RD
Kilsby, S Faith (GF) 410-1-3 in GDaCV23 8YB
King's Cliffe, All Saints 611-2-22 in FPeMonPE8 6XQ
King's Sutton, S Peter & S Paul 814-2-0 in GCuTueOX17 3RJ
Kislingbury, S Luke (GF) 512-0-13 in F#DaMonNN7 4AE
Lamport, All Saints (GF) (u/r) 48 cwt in G#GuNN6 9HB
Langham, S Peter & S Paul 613-2-4 in FRuWedLE15 7JE
Lilbourne, All Saints (GF) 510 cwt in GGuThuCV23 0SX
Litchborough, S Martin (GF) 58-1-15 in AToSatNN12 8JG
Little Addington, S Mary V (GF) (u/r) 38 cwt in G#ThNN14 4AY
Little Houghton, S Mary BV 511-3-17 in FNoNN7 1AB
Loddington, S Leonard (GF) 36-0-18 in CKeNN14 1LA
Lois Weedon, S Mary V & S Peter 66-2-21 in ACuWedNN12 8PL
Long Buckby, S Lawrence 815-1-27 in EGuMonNN6 7RX
Lowick, S Peter 613 cwt in F#ThNN14 3BH
Lutton, S Peter (GF) 47-0-13 in APePE8 5NE
Lyddington, S Andrew 612-3-0 in FRuThuLE15 9LN
Lyndon, S Martin (GF) 46-0-23 in ARuLE15 8TU
Maidwell, S Mary (GF) 68-1-0 in GGuFriNN6 9JG
Market Overton, S Peter & S Paul (GF) 514-2-18 in F#RuLE15 7PW
Marston St Lawrence, S Lawrence 510-1-6 in F#CuMonOX17 2DA
Marston Trussell, S Nicholas (GF) 610-0-14 in GGuLE16 9TY
Maxey, S Peter 612-0-21 in F#PePE6 9HF
Mears Ashby, All Saints (GF) 611-3-2 in GWeNN6 0EF
Middleton Cheney, All Saints 622-2-15 in DCuThuOX17 2NZ
Milton Malsor, Holy Cross (GF) 511-0-18 in F#NoNN7 3AJ
Morcott, S Mary V (GF) 46-0-0 in ARuLE15 9DT
Moreton Pinkney , S Mary V (GF) 66-2-26 in ACuThuNN11 3SJ
Moulton, S Peter & S Paul 1211-1-14 in A♭WeMonNN3 7SP
Naseby, All Saints (GF) 512-3-19 in EGuNN6 6BZ
Nassington, S Mary V & All Saints (GF) 69-2-4 in GPeMonPE8 6QG
Nether Heyford, S Peter & S Paul (GF) 67-3-7 in G#DaFriNN7 3LJ
Newnham, S Michael & All Angels 613-0-1 in EDaTueNN11 3ET
North Luffenham, S John Bapt (GF) 611-1-14 in GRuLE15 8JR
Northampton, All Saints 1017-0-4 in ENoWedNN1 1DF
Northampton, Holy Sepulchre (GF) 814-3-7 in F#NoWedNN1 3EB
Northampton, S Benedict, West Hunsbury 63-2-20 in DNoMonNN4 9UG
Northampton, S Giles 1022-3-0 in DNoWedNN1 5AA
Northampton, S John Bapt, Kingsthorpe 615-2-14 in FNoNN2 6QG
Northampton, S Mary, Dallington (GF) 67-2-2 in ANoFriNN5 7AA
Northampton, S Peter (GF) [CCT] 812-2-0 in FNoWedNN1 1SH
Northampton, S Peter & S Paul, Abington (GF) 610-1-24 in ANoNN3 3AB
Norton, All Saints (GF) 515-2-6 in FDaNN11 2UZ
Oakham, All Saints 824-2-9 in E♭RuTueLE15 6DR
Old, S Andrew (GF) (u/r) 512 cwt in F#GuNN6 9QY
Orlingbury, S Mary 610-2-18 in FWeTueNN14 1JA
Oundle, S Peter 825-1-11 in D♭PePE8 4AP
Overstone, S Nicholas 35-3-3 in BNoNN6 0AE
Passenham, S Guthlac 518 cwt in EToMK19 6DH
Paston, All Saints (GF) (u/r) 36-2-2 in APePE4 7UN
Pattishall, Holy Cross (GF) 611-2-24 in GToMonNN12 8NB
Paulerspury, S James Ap (GF) 614-3-22 in FToMonNN12 7NE
Peterborough, Cath Ch of S Peter, S Paul, & S Andrew 1221-1-20 in EPeMonPE1 1XS
Peterborough, S John Bapt 825-2-22 in CPePE1 1YR
Peterborough, S Mary 88-3-17 in APeThuPE1 1TT
Piddington, S John Bapt (GF) 610-2-23 in F#NoThuNN7 2ER
Pilton, All Saints (GF) (u/r) 48 cwt in AThPE8 5SN
Pitsford, All Saints (GF) 610-3-11 in ANoNN6 9AJ
Polebrook, All Saints (GF) 511-1-7 in F#PePE8 5LP
Potterspury, S Nicholas (GF) 613-0-4 in EToFriNN12 7PX
Preston, S Peter & S Paul (GF) 610-0-23 in G#RuLE15 9NJ
Preston Capes, S Peter & S Paul (GF) 518 cwt in E♭DaWedNN11 3TE
Pytchley, All Saints 58-0-0 in GKeFriNN14 1EW
Raunds, S Peter (GF) 822-0-8 in E♭ThNN9 6JB
Ravensthorpe, S Denys (GF) 57-2-0 in AGuNN6 8EL
Ridlington, S Mary Magd & S Andrew (GF) 47-1-24 in B♭RuLE15 9AL
Ringstead, Nativity of BVM (GF) 612-1-3 in EThWedNN14 4DH
Roade, S Mary V (GF) 610-2-17 in F#ToTueNN7 2PU
Rothersthorpe, S Peter & S Paul (GF) 511-3-14 in GNoNN7 3HS
Rothwell, Holy Trinity 1021-0-3 in E♭KeWedNN14 6BL
Rushden, S Mary 818-0-17 in EWeFriNN10 0PG
Rushton, All Saints (GF) 68-3-26 in AKeTueNN14 1QJ
Ryhall, S John Ev 611-1-5 in FRuMonPE9 4HR
Scaldwell, S Peter & S Paul (GF) 510-0-7 in GGuWedNN6 9JN
Seaton, All Hallows (GF) 610-0-21 in GRuLE15 9HR
Sibbertoft, S Helen (GF) 510-2-2 in A♭GuMonLE16 9UA
South Luffenham, S Mary V (GF) 45 cwt in CRuLE15 8NX
Spratton, S Andrew (GF) 611-2-24 in FGuNN6 8HH
Stanion, S Peter (GF) 611-1-4 in GThThuNN14 1DF
Stanwick, S Laurence (GF) 66-2-26 in AWeTueNN9 6PS
Staverton, S Mary V 610-3-26 in GDaThuNN11 6DD
Stoke Albany, S Botolph (GF) 610-0-5 in AKeLE16 8PZ
Stoke Bruerne, S Mary V (GF) 511-1-15 in EToNN12 7SB
Stoke Doyle, S Rumbald (GF) 510-3-10 in G#ThThuPE8 5TH
Sudborough, All Saints (GF) 57-1-4 in AThNN14 3BX
Sulgrave, S James Less 610-3-2 in A♭CuOX17 2RP
Syresham, S James 59-0-10 in G#CuNN13 5HU
Sywell, S Peter & S Paul 36-0-13 in BWeNN6 0BQ
Tansor, S Mary (GF) (u/r) 37 cwt in APePE8 5HN
Thornby, S Helen (GF) 56-2-25 in A♭GuNN6 8SN
Thornhaugh, S Andrew (GF) 55-2-1 in APePE8 6HL
Thorpe Achurch, S John Bapt 45-0-5 in CThPE8 5SG
Thorpe Malsor, All Saints (u/r) 66-3-19 in B♭KeNN14 1JS
Thorpe Mandeville, S John Bapt (GF) 36-2-26 in BCuOX17 2EY
Thrapston, S James 814-0-7 in F#ThFriNN14 4LE
Tiffield, S John Bapt (GF) (u/r) 37 cwt in B♭ToNN12 8AB
Tinwell, All Saints (GF) (u/r) 49-3-17 in GRuPE9 3UD
Titchmarsh, S Mary V 817-3-22 in EThNN14 3DB
Towcester, S Lawrence 1223-1-16 in EToFriNN12 6YY
Twywell, S Nicholas (GF) 66-3-23 in BThNN14 3AU
Ufford, S Andrew [CCT] 411-1-18 in G#PePE9 3BS
Upper Boddington, S John Bapt (GF) 611-0-19 in GCuMonNN11 6DL
Uppingham, S Peter & S Paul 814-2-2 in ERuThuLE15 9QH
Wadenhoe, S Michael & All Angels (GF) 67-1-6 in GThWedPE8 5ST
Wakerley, S John Bapt (GF) (u/r) [CCT] 39 cwt in G#RuLE15 8PD
Walgrave, S Peter (GF) 513-2-8 in EGuNN6 9QH
Wansford, S Mary V (GF) 63-3-1 in E♭PePE8 6JH
Wappenham, S Mary 68-3-2 in F#ToNN12 8SQ
Warkton, S Edmund 68-0-11 in A♭KeNN16 9XF
Warmington, S Mary BV 611-0-25 in F#PeFriPE8 6TE
Water Newton, S Remigius (GF) 310 cwt in A♭PePE8 6LY
Watford, S Peter & S Paul (GF) 615 cwt in GGuNN6 7UT
Weedon Bec, S Peter & S Paul (GF) 814-3-2 in FDaWedNN7 4ED
Weekley, S Mary V (GF) 68-0-10 in A♭KeThuNN16 9UW
Weldon, S Mary 88-3-26 in A♭ThThuNN17 3JY
Welford, S Mary V (GF) 812-1-26 in F#GuMonNN6 6HX
Wellingborough, All Hallows 828-1-19 in DWeTueNN8 1AS
Welton, S Martin 514½ cwt in FDaNN11 2XZ
West Haddon, All Saints 512½ cwt in F#GuNN6 7AL
Weston by Welland, S Mary V 54-3-24 in BKeLE16 8HN
Weston Favell, S Peter (GF) 58-3-26 in G#NoThuNN3 3JX
Whilton, S Andrew (GF) 813-1-5 in F#DaMonNN11 2NU
Whissendine, S Andrew 612-2-6 in ERuThuLE15 7HL
Whiston, S Mary V (GF) 515-0-4 in FWeNN7 1NP
Whitfield, S John Ev (GF) 67-0-26 in B♭CuFriNN13 5TE
Whittlebury, S Mary 59 cwt in AToNN12 8XS
Wicken, S John Ev 815-1-20 in FToTueMK19 6BU
Wilbarston, All Saints (GF) 67-2-15 in A♭KeTueLE16 8QG
Wilby, S Mary V (GF) 68-2-12 in B♭WeNN8 2UQ
Wing, S Peter & S Paul (GF) 56-3-22 in B♭RuTueLE15 8SE
Winwick, S Michael & All Angels (GF) 37 cwt in B♭GuNN6 7PD
Wittering, All Saints (GF) 65-3-12 in B♭PePE8 6AQ
Wollaston, S Mary (GF) 616-2-17 in EWeWedNN29 7SJ
Woodford, S Mary V 814-0-16 in EThTueNN14 4EX
Woodford Halse, S Mary V 67-2-27 in ACuThuNN11 3RL
Wootton, S George M (GF) 613-2-21 in E♭NoTueNN4 6LQ
Yardley Hastings, S Andrew 611-1-24 in F#WeWedNN7 1EH
Yarwell, S Mary Magd (GF) 45-0-4 in CPePE8 6PR
Yelvertoft, All Saints 612 cwt in FGuFriNN6 6LY