Will you join our new group COOTS?  
    as in "Come Out OThursdayS

One evening in a hostelry I had this mad idea to co-ordinate attempting a QP every Thursday evening that I can raise a band for, either 6-bell or 8-bell as requested by the Band.

The idea is to give ringers an opportunity to ring or practice some methods that are on their "wish-list", e.g.

  • plain methods such as St. Clements Bob Minor,
  • some of the '41' surprise minor methods,
  • or from the Pickled Egg Surprise Major series.

I will seek to book towers as near as practicable to the ringers who are in the band for that evening.

If you would like to join COOTS, please will you let me know when you are available, and what you would like to ring.

1:  So I can best coordinate ringers, conductors and towers I have set up an initial booking calendar on DOODLE starting in February: please click on https://doodle.com/meeting/participate/id/epZQM11b create a profile and fill in your availability. 

  • This will enable all of us to see how each evening’s bands are shaping up.
  • Note you can change your availability at any time, just log in and click the "Edit" pencil.

2:  Please let me know by email:

  • Where you live (approximately!) so I can choose appropriate towers
  • What methods are on your "wish-list",
  • If you are willing to call a QP
  • or if you are just happy to ring!
  • Any other comments or restrictions?

3:  I would like to set up a WhatsApp Group for COOTS members so that we can keep in touch, especially if there needs to be any late changes.

  • If you are happy to join the COOTS WhatsApp Group, please let me have your mobile number and I will add you.

If you would prefer not to use DOODLE please just email me your availability and 'wish-list' directly.

Lastly If you know of someone who would benefit from joining COOTS please do pass the information on to them or ask them to get in touch with me.

 Alistair Donaldson This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.