The Guild Constitution and Rules as amended at the Annual General Meeting held on 10th June 2023 in Marston St Lawrence can be found here in the linked document, or the Guild Report.


Branch Role Descriptions

The table of branch responsibilities has been created to help branches, and especially new committee members, know what is expected of someone on the branch committee. The table shows the usual role holders and the tasks in the branch that they typically responsible for ( R ). It also shows who else on the committee is typically involved ( I ) and the most likely person to be delegated to if the role holder cannot attend ( D ).

It is intended to help and ensure that branches are covering all the tasks that need to be attended to. Branches may choose to delegate certain tasks to another branch committee member if they are better placed to undertake the task. However, the role holder remains responsible for the task execution.

The roles are available in this document: PDG_Branch_Roles.pdf.

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