Training Fund



The Guild has a training fund to assist with:

  • The recruitment and retention of ringers 
  • The training of ringers 
  • The running of courses 
  • The provision of training equipment 
  • Other activities and materials directly associated with training. 


Application for grant

Application for a grant should be made to the This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. using this form.  A Word document version is available here that you can complete and submit electronically.  

Applications for grants in support of training sessions (e.g. hire of room, catering expenses, purchase of CDs, approved training course fees, etc) should  attach receipts or booking details where appropriate.  Applications for equipment will need to be accompanied by specification and cost details.



Having regard to the limited resource of the fund, full reimbursements of costs cannot usually be expected.


Fund Raising 


This fund was initiated in 2011 when the Guild received a generous legacy.  It welcomes income from standing orderswillsbequests, collections at ringing meetings and practices, special fund-raising events by members (all with Gift Aid when possible) and other means. 


Perhaps you would like to leave a legacy or make a one-off, or regular, cash contribution to the fund.  Please see this page for further information.  The Treasurer will be very pleased to help you.