Following today's sad news about the death of Queen Elizabeth II, many of our ringers are rallying around to organise suitable ringing.

With the death being announced this evening, ringing to mark the death should take place at or after noon tomorrow (Friday 9th September). The time is only guidance and local arrangements should be taken into account.

Ringing or tolling is suggested for an hour to announce the death. If you feel that may not be practical, ringing or tolling for a shorter period of time is appropriate. One idea might be to toll the 'tailors', 12 strokes for the death of the monarch and then 96 for her age.

There is no need to cancel practices or service ringing, but this should be with the agreement of the incumbent, and ringing should be half muffled, where possible. As such, we can confirm that the Guild 10-bell practice at Daventry on Saturday 10th September will go ahead as planned, the bells being half-muffled.

Looking further ahead, ringing to celebrate the announcement of the new monarch should be open, before returning to muffled ringing until the funeral. Ringing or tolling on the day of the funeral will clearly be at timings to be announced.

As ever, ringing should be in consultation with the incumbent/PCC and fit in with local arrangements. If the church wishes to do something different, or ring at a certain time, or not ring, then we should comply with those requests.

For further advice about ringing during this period, please see the guidance on the Central Council website This includes the timetable from Lambeth Palace, issued today, and including consideration of the proclamation of the new Monarch.