The Master has drawn up a set of rules for this year's "competition".  It is hoped that as many Guild members as feel able will attend the open ringing and meeting, the striking competition itself is open to individual ringers of all abilities.  Names can be submitted in advance to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or on the day.


1  Teams shall be drawn at random from names submitted to the Master by 3:45 on Saturday 25th September.

2  Each band shall nominate a conductor who may be a non-ringing member of that band.

3  Bands may ring Call Changes, or any Triples or Major method. If Call Changes are rung, there shall be at least one change of lead bell.

4  The test piece shall be a minimum of 160 changes and a maximum of 224 rows long.  If Call Changes are rung there must be at least 160 rows following the first called change.  If a method is rung only the first 160 rows will be marked.  If Call Changes are rung the 160 rows following the first called change will be marked.

5 Each band shall signal the start of the test piece by first ringing 2 whole pulls on the treble alone.

6  A maximum of 5 minutes practice ringing shall be allowed by each band prior to the test piece (* this may be reduced prior to the start of the competition depending on the time available/number of bands) - this shall NOT include rounds before the test piece.  A steward shall be available (if required by the band) to keep time within the ringing chamber for the practice.

7  The method of judging shall be decided upon by the judge(s) whose decision will be final.

 8  The objective of this year’s competition is to have fun, no trophy will be awarded.