A printed leaflet was collected by the late Peter Wenham at Braunston from which this text has been transcribed:

To be brought before the First General Meeting of
Members on October 9th. 1890, at DAVENTRY, with
regard to the proposed Society of Church Bell Ringers

for Daventry, Weedon and District.

                    1. – That this Union be called “THE DAVENTRY, WEEDON AND

                    DISTRICT SOCIETY OF CHURCH BELL RINGERS,” and that

                    It have for its object the promotion of the reverent use of the

                    Belfry, and the cultivation of the art of change-ringing.

                    2. – That it consist of Honorary and Ringing Members.

                    3. – That any person subscribing not less than Three Shillings

                    Annually shall be an Honorary Member.  That Ringing

                    Members shall contribute the sum of One Shilling annually,

                    but that no one shall be admitted as a Ringing Member

                    until he be certified by the leader of his Parochial Society

                    to be capable of ringing rounds.

                    4. – That any duly certified ringers shall be admitted at any

                    Annual Meeting of the Society, if proposed by two members

                    and elected by a majority of members present.

                    5. – That there shall be an Annual Meeting, at which there shall

                    be a Special Service held, Change-ringing performed, and

                    business of the Society transacted.

                    6. – That Meetings shall be held with the consent of the Incum-

                    bent at those Churches only which possess rings of five or

                    more bells, but that ringers shall be admitted from any

                    parish with a less number if proposed and duly qualified.

                    7. – That plain meals be provided at the Annual Meetings, the

                    Ringing Members paying half price, the Honorary Members

                    full price, the rest being paid by the Funds of the Society.

                    8. – That the operations of this Society shall not in any way

                    interfere with the Rules or Funds of Parochial Societies.

                    9. – That any alteration in, or addition to, the above Rules, shall

                    only be made at the Annual Meeting.

                    10. – That while this Society has for one of its objects the cultiva-

                    tion of the art of Change-ringing, it aims at the greater Glory

                    of God; and that, therefore, any member bringing dishonour

                    upon the Church by his misconduct shall be dismissed the


The original leaflet carries many pencilled amendments and comments indicating amongst other things that it should be an Association and that meetings for ringing and business should be quarterly. It contains on the reverse pencilled / scribbled names which I can best transcribe as: Mr Sheppard, Rev Waters, Mr Gibbons, Mr Harrison, Rev Colville and Mr Brewers.  It looks as if these were notes made at the time of the meeting.  The next record that we have follows below.

Edited extract from the Bell News 7 February 1891
It has been said that Northamptonshire is not a good county for change-ringing. Some years ago much was done to remove this unpleasant stigma by the foundation of the Wellingborough and Raunds Association. As this organisation, however, could not reach the district on the other-side of Northampton, an Association has been formed for the Rural Deaneries of Daventry and Weedon and their neighbourhood, having the double object of promoting a right and proper use belfries, and the art of change-ringing.

After some preliminary meetings for the discussion of the scheme, and the drawing up of rules etc, the new Association held its first annual gathering at Daventry on Monday, January 26th. Proceedings commenced with a dinner at 2 pm, to which about forty-five sat down, the company including ringers from Braunston, Bugbrooke, Daventry, Dodford, Everdon, Newnham, and Staverton. The Rev Canon Collyns, rector of Daventry, presided and there were also present the Revs F Churchill (rector of Everdon and Secretary of the Association, to whose Indefatigable efforts its foundation is due), H Waters, A W Durham, G M Edmunds, H W Johnson, and H B Woolley. After dinner there was a service at the parish church, at which the Rev G M Edmunds, rector of Stoke Doyle, near Oundle, preached an excellent sermon, containing many, forcible illustrations from bells and change-ringing. Then came a business meeting, and after a vote of thanks to the preacher, the ringers adjourned to the tower. Daventry church has the only ring of eight in the neighbourhood. The tenor weighs 16 ¾ cwt, and they are musical bells, but their “go" is very indifferent, and it would not be the easiest task in the world to ring a 5040 on them.

Change-ringing is however in its infancy in this part of the county, and the best that could be done in this line was a 6-score of Grandsire Doubles by the Bugbrooke band. The
Daventry ringers finished the day s work by ringing “Home Sweet Home " on the tower bells, which they did very cleverly. A successful start has been made, the Association already numbering fifty-three members, many of whom are being initiated into the mysteries of Plain Bob, so that at the next meeting doubtless some more change-ringing will be accomplished.

The following information has been gleaned from extant annual festival certificates in ringing chambers. From 1908 -1926, each certificate records the names of the ringers of the winning team and each bears the name of Rev W Harry Shackel, Secretary (Vicar of Brockhall, who, in 1925, became the president of the new Daventry Branch of the PDG). In 1927 the Rev J W Strong (Vicar of Dodford and Rural Dean) was the secretary.
It is interesting to note the variations in the title of the association!             
Year, date     Title used     Festival location     Winner
1891, Jan 26         Daventry     No competition
1899, Jun 6         Weedon     1. Bugbrooke
            2. Harpole
            3. Welton
1908     Weedon and District Bell Ringers' Association     Weedon?     Weedon
1909     Weedon and District Bell Ringers' Association         
1910     Weedon and District Bell Ringers' Association     Weedon?     Weedon
1911     Daventry, Weedon and District Bellringers’ Association     Whilton     Harpole
1912, Jun 8     Daventry and Weedon Bell Ringers’ Association     Litchborough     Welton
1914, Jun 20     Daventry & Weedon Bell Ringing Association     Newnham     Welton
1920, Jun 5     Daventry & Weedon Bell-Ringers’ Association     Welton     Welton
1921, Jun 25      Weedon and District Bell Ringers' Association     Weedon     Weedon
1922, Jun 10     Weedon and District Bell Ringers' Association         Welton
1923, Jun 26     Weedon and District Bell Ringers' Association     Everdon     Everdon
1924, May 25         Dodford     Dodford
1925, May 23     Weedon and District Bell Ringers' Association     West Haddon     Welton
1926, Jun 5     Weedon and District Bell Ringers' Association     Litchborough     Litchborough
1927, Jun 26     Weedon and District Bell Ringers' Association     Norton     Everdon