The Bell Fund, together with the Guild, is registered charity no. 258271


The fund exists to assist the Church within the Diocese of Peterborough in:

  • The preservation of redundant bells
  • The repair, restoration and augmentation of existing bells
  • The provision of new bells
  • Other work directly associated with the repair, restoration, augmentation or provision of bells.


Before setting about a major bell restoration project, it is important to get advice from the Branch Steward at an early stage. They will be able to advise whether the professional bell-founders and bell-hangers should be involved. They can point out the need to consider the impact on your decisions of heritage and conservation issues as well as passing on experiences with fund raising and applying to the Diocese for permission to carry out the work.

Work eligible for Grant

Work that comes within the aims listed above is eligible for a grant. However, items of general maintenance, such as new ropes, stays, sliders etc, unless part of a larger scheme for the bells, are not eligible.

Any building work which is directly related to the bell installation, such as building a bell frame into the tower walls, is eligible for a grant. However, work to the church fabric, such as the installation or repair of floors, and repair or replacement of louvres is not eligible for a grant from this fund. Guidance notes on making a grant application are available here.


Method of Application

Please contact the This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., who will provide an application form. The application should normally be completed by the Incumbent or a Churchwarden on behalf of the PCC.

The application must be accompanied by a copy of the specification for work to be carried out and the estimated cost which is to include any allowances for self-help and VAT. Details and costs for any additional building work which is not eligible should also be supplied. While such work will not be eligible for a grant, it helps give an overall view of the proposed project. As much information as possible should be given as to how the work is to be financed, including details of any grants or separate funds that are, or may be available. Currently the VAT on bell work may be reclaimed under the "Listed Places of Worship Grant Scheme", of which projects may wish to take advantage.


Method of Consideration

Applications received by the Guild Steward will be considered at a meeting of the Guild's Restoration and Maintenance Committee, which may request further information and/or permission to inspect the existing installation. The Committee will then forward the application to the Bell Fund Administrators, who will make a recommendation to the Guild's next General Meeting. The Guild Steward will notify the applicant of the decision at the meeting in writing.

If work is not commenced within one year of the grant being awarded, then it will lapse. A further application may be made if the work begins after a delay.


Payment of the Grant

 A grant will only be paid upon satisfactory completion of the work and providing the work was commenced within one year.

A combined form for advising when work commences and for requesting the payment will be enclosed with the notification of the grant.

The request for payment must be accompanied by a copy of the final account for the work and details of any variations from that originally proposed.

The Administrators may reduce the amount of the grant if all of the work is not carried out or if the final cost is less than that originally submitted.


Fund Raising and Affiliation Scheme


The fund receives income from standing orders, wills, collections at ringing meetings and practices, special fund-raising events by members (all with Gift Aid when possible), bequests and other means.

Our Treasurer writes a request every year to ask PCCs to make a payment to the Bell Fund through an Affiliation Scheme. We are grateful to the Diocesan Office for distributing the letters free of charge to every PCC. A list of current affiliates is here. An average of over £3,800 has been received in each of the last ten years through this scheme. Further details can be had from, and payments can be made to, the Treasurer.


Perhaps you would like to have a bell cast as a family memorial, make a bequest, a one-off, or regular, cash contribution. See this page for further details.



Since 2004, around £150,000 has been paid out for major and minor schemes.

The following Projects have received grants since 2010:

TowerYear of GrantDescriptionContractorProject Cost
Barton Seagrave, S Botolph2013Stiffen the timber bellframeWhitechapel Bell Foundry£8000
Benefield, S Mary V2011Renew the frame, repairs to bells, new bearings.Whites of Appleton£29500
Caldecott, S John Ev2012Clean and Paint the frameNicholas Meadwell£2500
Chipping Warden, S Peter & S Paul2013New headstocks, retuning, new fittingsJohn Taylor & Co£22500
Cosgrove, S Peter & S Paul2018Refurbishment and rehanging with new bearings 6 No. bells.Whites of Appleton£34700
Cotterstock, S Andrew2017£13600
Daventry, Holy Cross2015Refurbish clappers, restore rollers, new clapper for tenor and rebalance the larger bells.John Taylor & Co£7000
Duston, S Luke2018Tenor Clapper (Minor Grant)John Taylor & Co£840
Earls Barton, All Saints2021Re-align frame between 5 & 6John Taylor & Co£
East Haddon, S Mary V2010Strengthen frame, repair wheels, replace bearingsTaylors, Eayre & Smith£16000
Ecton, S Mary Magd2019Rebushing and reprofiling ClappersJohn Taylor & Co£810
Edith Weston, S Mary2013Paint Bellframe, minor works to fittings and clappersNicholas Meadwell£2000
Empingham, S Peter2010Painting bellframe, repairs to bell fittings and clappersNicholas Meadwell£4200
Empingham, S Peter2022Refurbish wheels and clappersBlyth & Co.£
Grafton Regis, S Mary2022Modify the ringing circle and refurbishJohn Taylor & Co£
Great Casterton, S Peter & S Paul2023Refurbish clappers, slider boards etcPaul Mason£
Great Oakley, S Michael2022Refurbish existing 3 and add 2 new bellsMatthew Higby & Co Ltd£
Guilsborough, S Etheldreda2018Overhauled of Installation and new rope shutesNicholson Engineering£26000
Harlestone, S Andrew2022Repair shrouds and maintain bearingsJohn Taylor & Co.£
Higham Ferrers, S Mary V2014To rehang all bells and add two new bellsJohn Taylor & Co£106000
Irchester, S Katharine2014Overhaul Pulleys£2000
Islip, S Nicholas2012New bearings, general repairsJohn Taylor & Co£11000
Kettering, S Peter & S Paul2018Installation of a Sharp Second BellNicholson Engineering£25000
Kilsby, S Faith2013Installation of rope guidesJohn Taylor & Co£2500
King's Cliff, All Saints2012Retune bells, new headstocks, new bearings, refurbish all bell fittingsJohn Taylor & Co£20000
Kislingbury, S Luke2016Refurbish clappers.John Taylor & Co£850
Lilbourne, All Saints2012Refurbish the frame, new headstocks, bearings,pulleys and glidersNicholson Engineering£32000
Litchborough, S Martin2013For the installation of new rope guides£3500
Long Buckby, S Lawrence2013To replace bearings and pulleys£6500
Lyndon, S Martin2013Paint the bellframe and repair bell fittingsNicholas Meadwell£3000
Moulton, S Peter & S Paul2022Repair clapperJohn Taylor & Co.£
Nassington, S Mary V & All Saints2015Rebuild the frame and add new bellJohn Taylor & Co£67000
Nether Heyford, S Peter & S Paul2017Treble Gudgeon replacement, Overhaul ClappersJohn Taylor & Co£6200
Newton Bromswold, S Peter2013Conversion of bells to a chimeNicholas Meadwell£2300
Northampton, S Benedict, West Hunsbury2022Refurbish clappers and sliders and replace the bearings on the 2ndJohn Taylor & Co.£
Oakham, All Saints2022Refurbish clappers and roller boxesJohn Taylor & Co.£
Pitsford, All Saints2022Refurbish frame and wheels, service bearingsPaul Mason£
Preston, S Peter & S Paul2021Refurbishment of bells and stiffening of the frameJohn Taylor & Co£24000
Raunds, S Peter2012Refurbish clappers, stays and stop blocksJohn Taylor & Co£3500
Ringstead, Nativity of BVM2016Overhaul and repair the frame and general maintenanceJohn Taylor & Co£10500
Roade, S Mary V2017Rebushing and refacing clappers. 2 new slidersJohn Taylor & Co£4500
Rothwell, Holy Trinity2015two new bells in new frameJohn Taylor & Co£43000
Rushden, S Mary2018Refurbishment of Bell ClappersJohn Taylor & Co£1640
Seaton, All Hallows2015Augment the ring to six and new bearingsNicholas Meadwell£21000
Stanwick, S Laurence2015New Pulleys, New bearings and refurbish clappersJohn Taylor & Co£6000
Stoke Doyle, S Rumbald2014To strengthen bell frame and rehang all bells£0
Thrapston, S James2018Refurbishment of Bell ClappersJohn Taylor & Co£1100
Towcester, S Lawrence2021Replace bearings to Tenor John Taylor & Co£970
Towcester, S Lawrence2020General Renovations, new bearings etc:John Taylor & Co£14000
Upper Boddington, S John Bapt2010Modify bells, renew bell fittings, underpin frame, augment ring to 6John Taylor & Co£45000
Wadenhoe, S Michael & All Angels2012Paint the frame and refurbish the clappersNicholas Meadwell£2000
Warmington, S Mary BV2017Installation of an adjustable crownstapleJohn Taylor & Co£650
Weedon Bec, S Peter & S Paul2019Replace Gudgeons and Bearings (5 No)John Taylor & Co£10900
Wilbarston, All Saints2018Augment Ring and Frame. Rehang 3 bells. Tune all bells.John Taylor & Co£32000
Wittering, All Saints2022Refurbish clappersJohn Taylor & Co.£
Woodford, S Mary V2015Bell Frame repairs and rebushing clappersWhites of Appleton£2000


The Guild was instrumental in the technical investigations for the installation of a ring of twelve bells in the north west tower of Peterborough Cathedral. These were satisfactory and the Guild undertook the entire fund raising for the new installation, which was successfully completed in 1986.

Further information and advice is available from the This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..