Trent Valley Association
BROOKE, Rutland, St Peter
Tuesday 29 November, 2022 in 2h42 (8-1-2 in A)
5040 Spliced Treble Dodging Minor (17m)
(1 London, Wells Surprise; 2 Carlisle, Northumberland Surprise; 3 Old Oxford, Neasden Delight; 4 Pontefract, Donottar Delight; 5 Lightfoot, Rossendale Surprise; 6 Beverley, Berwick, Surfleet, Hexham, Durham Surprise; 7 Cambridge, Ipswich Surprise.)
  1 Ruth Curtis
  2 Nicola J Turner
  3 Ian Butters
  4 Paul F Curtis
  5 Peter G C Ellis (C)
  6 Robert J Crocker
Ringing World page ref: 5825.1213

Peterborough Diocesan Guild
BROOKE, Rutland, St Peter
Friday 12 May, 2017 in 2h45 (8-1-2 in A)
5040 Surprise Minor
(7 methods: an extent each of Netherseale, Norwich, London, Bourne, Ipswich, Beverley and Cambridge)
  1 Juliet E Cunningham
  2 Janice T Atkinson
  3 Robin H Rogers
  4 Christopher D O'Mahony
  5 Richard G Beadman
  6 Roland H Cook (C)
First peal:1.
Specially arranged to celebrate the life of John Webster- Branch Steward, Uppingham Tower Captain, and a great friend.
Ringing World page ref: 5535.0529

Lincoln Diocesan Guild
BROOKE, Rutland, St Peter
Saturday 30 November, 2013 in 2h36 (8)
5040 Surprise Minor (7m)
(720 each London, Bamborough, Chester, York, Bourne, Beverley, Cambridge)
  1 Robin H Rogers
  2 James E Benner
  3 Alistair M Donaldson
  4 Ian Dawson
  5 Michael Maughan (C)
  6 Benjamin F Ricketts
Ringing World page ref: 5356.1276

Peterborough Diocesan Guild
BROOKE, Rutland, St Peter
Saturday 1 June, 2002 in 2h30 (8-1-2 in A)
5040 Cambridge Surprise Minor
(1 x 2160 & 2 x 1440)
  1 Ian E McKelvey
  2 David L C Murcott
  3 Peggy E Jennings
  4 Julian P van Geersdaele
  5 C James Hustler
  6 Emma J Southerington (C)
For the Golden Jubilee of HRH Queen Elizabeth II.
Ringing World page ref: 4757.0651

Peterborough Diocesan Guild
BROOKE, Rutland, St Peter
Sunday 19 March, 2000 in 2h39 (8-1-2 in A)
5040 Minor (7m)
(1 extent each Oxford TB, Kent TB, Bourne S, Ipswich S, Cambridge S, St Clements CB, Plain B)
  1 Richard Beadman
  2 Peggy E Jennings
  3 Ian McKelvey
  4 Paul F Phillips
  5 Emma J Southerington (C)
  6 John Beadman
First peal: 3.
First peal on the bells.
Rung for Evensong by Sunday Service ringers.
Ringing World page ref: 4648.0526