We have a new rule, no new peal arrangements to be made after we’ve finished our first pint! I think this idea came up before the introduction of the new rule.

It started with a bit of a rant from me about how there are lots of methods named for odd collections of things (flowers, birds, lighthouses, curries) but still a whole host of meaningful events for which there isn’t a method named. Like Movember. And it kind of went from there. The first three of us signed up there and then. A fourth was a regular Movember participant and quickly recruited. The fifth took a little while to find, and sadly the sixth remained elusive.

I’d hoped to get enough to ring major, but it proved surprisingly difficult to get chaps to sign up. Availability, vanity and lack of spousal approval seemed to be the main inhibitors.

Growing a moustache during the month of November is an idea that originated in Australia around 2003 and has since spread to over 20 countries around the world. Movember seeks to raise money for and awareness of three key areas of mens health: prostate cancer, testicular cancer, and mental health and suicide prevention.  It is very popular amongst UK University sports teams, and hopefully now middle aged ringers too!

It has been fun, and I think we have all enjoyed the attention and comparing moustache styles. We have managed to raise a bit of money and prompted some worthwhile discussions about men’s health and mental health in particular along the way. I think most of us would do it again. It has also been an eye opener to see how many people are familiar with the appearance of 70’s adult film stars!

The peal can be seen here, and if you would like to donate to the cause please use this link: https://uk.movember.com/mospace/5820609

Nich Wilson