There were 35 entries received this year, a good result considering the circumstances. Entries were received from Dunblane, Farnborough, Bradford as well as the usual local ones. All winners were more local -  David Rose from  Kettering, Peter Chamberlain of Rushden and Jenny Griffiths of Greatworth.

The questions were either easier this time, or people had more spare time! There was a record 17 all correct answers, all entrants scoring over 90/100.

The most common errors were question 44 (Birkbeck) with Centrale (a shopping centre), question 55 (Groudle Glen) with various answers and question 81 (St Andrew Square) with St Andrews Square ( wrong letter count). All the answers are attached here.

Thank you all who bought a quiz and helped the bell fund. Bell work is taking place still.

Derek Jones