Barn Dance

Moulton Community Centre 10th February 2024


A damp evening at the splendid Moulton Community Centre saw 80 ringers, family and friends enjoying a raucous barn dance led by Kelly’s Eye. There was no hanging back as dancers dosey doed and stripped the willow. For those welcoming the opportunity to chat or take a quieter approach to the evening, a second room was available for board games.  The well supported raffle contributed to the event along with the opportunity to purchase centenary merchandise for those who wished to.


The dancing and board games were paused for an excellent ploughman’s supper followed by celebratory cake. The Guild Secretary’s promise of birthday cake at every event holding true. The Nene Valley ale flowed freely and the lubricated dancers reminisced about the last Guild barn dance in 1998. The conclusion being that greater frequency would be welcome.


A great evening all round and the second PDG100 event completed.


Sarah Bence