OfficersEventsTowersBranch Map

OfficersEventsTowersBranch Map

Branch Officers

Ringing Master

OfficersEventsTowersBranch Map

Branch Events

February 2021

Sat 20thPractice1500


Sat 20thOuting


Sat 17thWoodford Halse1930


Sat 15thSulgrave1930
Sat 29thTriples PracticeKing's Sutton1930


Sat 19thPracticeGreatworth1930


Sat 17thHalf Annual MeetingCroughton1600

January 2022

Sat 15thAGMLois Weedon1500
Sat 29thTriples PracticeKing's Sutton1500


Sat 19thPracticeEvenley1500


Sat 19thOuting


Sat 9thPracticeCulworth1500

OfficersEventsTowersBranch Map

Branch Towers

The 24 towers:

Aynho, S Michael 816-1-20 in FTueOX17 3BG
Brackley, S Peter 813-2-27 in FMonNN13 7BZ
Chacombe, S Peter & S Paul (GF) 613-3-8 in FWedOX17 2JS
Charwelton, Holy Trinity (GF) 510-2-16 in A♭NN11 3YS
Chipping Warden, S Peter & S Paul 512-1-5 in FThuOX17 1JU
Croughton, All Saints (GF) 59-3-18 in GTueNN13 5LS
Culworth, S Mary V (GF) 512-3-10 in EOX17 2AU
Edgcote, S James (GF) (u/r) 48¼ cwt in G#OX17 1AG
Evenley, S George 56-3-26 in ATueNN13 5SG
Eydon, S Nicholas (GF) 69-2-20 in GTueNN11 3PQ
Farthinghoe, S Michael & All Angels (GF) (u/r) 511 cwt in G#NN13 5PN
Greatworth, S Peter 66-3-11 in BMonOX17 2DU
Helmdon, S Mary Magd 610-1-4 in GSatNN13 5QN
King's Sutton, S Peter & S Paul 814-2-0 in GTueOX17 3RJ
Lois Weedon, S Mary V & S Peter 66-2-21 in AWedNN12 8PL
Marston St Lawrence, S Lawrence 510-1-6 in F#MonOX17 2DA
Middleton Cheney, All Saints 622-2-15 in DThuOX17 2NZ
Moreton Pinkney , S Mary V (GF) 66-2-26 in AThuNN11 3SJ
Sulgrave, S James Less 610-3-2 in A♭OX17 2RP
Syresham, S James 59-0-10 in G#NN13 5HU
Thorpe Mandeville, S John Bapt (GF) 36-2-26 in BOX17 2EY
Upper Boddington, S John Bapt (GF) 611-0-19 in GMonNN11 6DL
Whitfield, S John Ev (GF) 67-0-26 in B♭FriNN13 5TE
Woodford Halse, S Mary V 67-2-27 in AThuNN11 3RL

Map of Towers

The branch has its own website which can be accessed here:
Culworth Branch Website

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