OfficersEventsTowersBranch Map

OfficersEventsTowersBranch Map

Branch Officers

Ringing Master

OfficersEventsTowersBranch Map

Branch Events

January 2022

Sat 29thAGMDaventry1500


Sat 12thRingingBugbrooke1500Followed by Service and Tea


Sat 12thRingingGreat Brington1500Followed by Service and Tea

OfficersEventsTowersBranch Map

Branch Towers

The 25 towers:

Ashby St Ledgers, Blessed Virgin Mary & S Leodegarius (GF) 412 cwt in FCV23 8UN
Badby, S Mary (GF) 614-0-11 in EWedNN11 3AR
Barby, S Mary (GF) 515-0-3 in FMonCV23 8TY
Braunston, All Saints 615-1-6 in FThuNN11 7HS
Bugbrooke, S Michael & All Angels (GF) 514-0-14 in FMonNN7 3RG
Byfield, Holy Cross 812-1-17 in FFriNN11 6XN
Church Stowe, S Michael (GF) (u/r) 513-3-12 in GNN7 4SG
Daventry, Holy Cross 1018-3-11 in E♭TueNN11 4FL
Dodford, S Mary V (GF) 613 cwt in FNN7 4SU
Everdon, S Mary BV (GF) 519-1-3 in EMonNN11 3DT
Farthingstone, S Mary V (GF) 56-0-3 in BNN12 8EZ
Fawsley, S Mary V (GF) 411-1-4 in G#NN11 3BS
Flore, All Saints 612-2-27 in F#MonNN7 4LZ
Great Brington, S Mary (GF) 617-2-2 in ENN7 4JB
Hellidon, S John Bapt (GF) 58-0-24 in A♭TueNN11 6LH
Kilsby, S Faith (GF) 410-1-3 in GCV23 8YB
Kislingbury, S Luke (GF) 512-0-13 in F#MonNN7 4AE
Nether Heyford, S Peter & S Paul (GF) 67-3-7 in G#FriNN7 3LJ
Newnham, S Michael and All Angels 613-0-1 in ETueNN11 3ET
Norton, All Saints (GF) 515-2-6 in FNN11 2UZ
Preston Capes, S Peter & S Paul (GF) 518 cwt in E♭WedNN11 3TE
Staverton, S Mary V 610-3-26 in GThuNN11 6DD
Weedon Bec, S Peter & S Paul (GF) 814-3-2 in FWedNN7 4ED
Welton, S Martin 514½ cwt in FNN11 2XZ
Whilton, S Andrew (GF) 813-1-5 in F#MonNN11 2NU

Map of Towers

The branch has its own website which can be accessed here:
Daventry Branch Website

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