OfficersEventsTowersBranch Map

OfficersEventsTowersBranch Map

Branch Officers

TreasurerPermission Refused
Ringing Master
Ringing MasterHarry Curtis

OfficersEventsTowersBranch Map

Branch Events

March 2021

Sat 20thSurprise PracticeEcton1030
Sat 20thPracticeRushden1900


Sat 17thPracticeBozeat1430
Sat 17thSurprise PracticeMears Ashby1030


Sat 15thSurprise PracticeRushden1030
Sat 15thPracticeYardley Hastings1430


Tue 15thStriking CompetitionWilby
Sat 19thSurprise PracticeStanwick1030


Sat 17thSurprise PracticeOrlingbury1030
Sat 17thMeetingGreat Doddington1500


Sat 18thOuting


Sat 16thSurprise PracticeGrendon1030
Sat 16thPracticeEarls Barton1900


Sat 20thSurprise PracticeIrthlingborough1030
Sat 20thPracticeWollaston1430


Sat 11thSurprise PracticeWilby1030
Sat 11thBranch Quiz

January 2022

Sat 15thSurprise PracticeBozeat1030
Sat 15thAGMIrchester1500


Sat 19thSurprise PracticeOrlingbury1030


Sat 19thPracticeWellingborough1900

OfficersEventsTowersBranch Map

Branch Towers

The 24 towers:

Bozeat, S Mary 616-2-6 in EThuNN29 7NE
Castle Ashby, S Mary Magd (GF) 519-2-24 in E♭NN7 1LQ
Chelveston, S John Bapt (U) 58 cwt in ANN9 6AT
Earls Barton, All Saints 811-3-25 in F#ThuNN6 0JJ
Easton Maudit, S Peter & S Paul (GF) 514-1-10 in FNN29 7NR
Ecton, S Mary Magd 615-2-20 in EWedNN6 0QE
Finedon, S Mary V 821-2-23 in DThuNN9 5NR
Great Doddington, S Nicholas (GF) 55-3-4 in B♭NN29 7TR
Great Harrowden, All Saints (U) 39 cwt in GNN9 5AA
Grendon, S Mary 614-0-10 in F#TueNN7 1JE
Higham Ferrers, S Mary V 1022-1-0 in E♭TueNN10 8BT
Irchester, S Katharine (GF) 821-1-20 in DFriNN29 7AJ
Irthlingborough, S Peter 810-1-4 in GWedNN9 5SD
Mears Ashby, All Saints (GF) 611-3-2 in GNN6 0EF
Moulton, S Peter & S Paul 1211-1-14 in A♭MonNN3 7SP
Orlingbury, S Mary 610-2-18 in FTueNN14 1JA
Rushden, S Mary 818-0-17 in EFriNN10 0PG
Stanwick, S Laurence (GF) 66-2-26 in ANN9 6PS
Sywell, S Peter & S Paul 36-0-13 in BNN6 0BQ
Wellingborough, All Hallows 828-1-19 in DTueNN8 1AS
Whiston, S Mary V (GF) 515-0-4 in FNN7 1NP
Wilby, S Mary V (GF) 68-2-12 in B♭NN8 2UQ
Wollaston, S Mary (GF) 616-2-17 in EWedNN29 7SJ
Yardley Hastings, S Andrew 611-1-24 in F#WedNN7 1EH

Map of Towers

The branch has its own website which can be accessed here:
Wellingborough Branch Website

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