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OfficersEventsTowersBranch Map

OfficersEventsTowersBranch Map

Branch Officers

Ringing Master Vacant

OfficersEventsTowersBranch Map

Branch Events

January 2022

Sat 8thAGMCranford St John


Sat 12thRingingRothwell1400


Sat 12thPracticeBrampton Ash


Sat 9thRinging and Social GatheringIsham1400

OfficersEventsTowersBranch Map

Branch Towers

The 30 towers:

Arthingworth, S Andrew 610-3-12 in F#LE16 8NJ
Ashley, S Mary V (GF) 57-0-8 in AMonLE16 8HF
Barton Seagrave, S Botolph 89-1-22 in AMonNN15 6SZ
Brampton Ash, S Mary 611-1-2 in GLE16 8PD
Broughton, S Andrew (u/r) 510 cwt in ANN14 1NZ
Burton Latimer, S Mary V 810-0-13 in FNN15 5LU
Corby, S John Bapt (GF) 67-3-19 in B♭WedNN17 1XF
Cottingham, S Mary Magd (GF) 511-1-10 in A♭LE16 8XU
Cranford St Andrew, S Andrew (GF) (u/r) [CCT] 47 cwt in NN14 4AL
Cranford St John, S John Bapt (GF) 69-1-2 in GNN14 4AE
Cransley, S Andrew (GF) 69-2-9 in G#TueNN14 1PX
Desborough, S Giles 89-2-4 in GMonNN14 2XQ
Dingley, All Saints (GF) 58 cwt in A♭LE16 8PG
East Carlton, S Peter (u/r) 69 cwt in G#LE16 8YA
Geddington, S Mary Magd 611-3-17 in F#NN14 1AN
Grafton Underwood, S James Ap (GF) 57-0-11 in B♭NN14 3AA
Great Oakley, S Michael (GF) 35-2-18 in BNN18 8HN
Harrington, S Peter & S Paul (u/r) 68 cwt in B♭NN6 9NX
Isham, S Peter (GF) 69-1-0 in GMonNN14 1HL
Kettering, S Peter & S Paul 1221-1-2 in E♭ThuNN16 0AQ
Loddington, S Leonard (GF) 36-0-18 in CNN14 1LA
Pytchley, All Saints 58-0-0 in GFriNN14 1EW
Rothwell, Holy Trinity 1021-0-3 in E♭WedNN14 6BL
Rushton, All Saints (GF) 68-3-26 in ATueNN14 1QJ
Stoke Albany, S Botolph (GF) 610-0-5 in ALE16 8PZ
Thorpe Malsor, All Saints (u/r) 66-3-19 in B♭NN14 1JS
Warkton, S Edmund 68-0-11 in A♭NN16 9XF
Weekley, S Mary V (GF) 68-0-10 in A♭ThuNN16 9UW
Weston by Welland, S Mary V 54-3-24 in BLE16 8HN
Wilbarston, All Saints (GF) 67-2-15 in A♭TueLE16 8QG

Map of Towers

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