OfficersEventsTowersBranch Map

OfficersEventsTowersBranch Map

Branch Officers

Ringing Master
Deputy Ringing Master

OfficersEventsTowersBranch Map

Branch Events

There are no future events planned at this time.
They will be added when available.

OfficersEventsTowersBranch Map

Branch Towers

The 28 towers:

Boughton, S John Bapt (GF) 56-0-18 in BThuNN2 8SF
Brafield on the Green, S Laurence 612-0-7 in FWedNN7 1BB
Church Brampton, S Botolph 59-1-2 in GNN6 8AT
Cogenhoe, S Peter (GF) 68-1-14 in AMonNN7 1NA
Collingtree, S Columba (GF) 512-2-2 in GTueNN4 0PR
Courteenhall, S Peter & S Paul (GF) 512-0-26 in F#NN7 2QE
Denton, S Margaret (U) 35 cwt in CNN7 1DG
Duston, S Luke (GF) 68-0-1 in B♭ThuNN5 6RZ
Great Billing, S Andrew 313 cwt in GNN3 9EE
Hardingstone, S Edmund 512 cwt in F#NN4 6BZ
Harlestone, S Andrew (GF) 620-0-9 in E♭NN7 4EN
Harpole, All Saints 612-1-12 in F#ThuNN7 4BY
Little Houghton, S Mary BV 511-3-17 in FNN7 1AB
Milton Malsor, Holy Cross (GF) 511-0-18 in F#NN7 3AJ
Northampton, All Saints 1017-0-4 in EWedNN1 1DF
Northampton, Holy Sepulchre (GF) 814-3-7 in F#WedNN1 3EB
Northampton, S Benedict, West Hunsbury 63-2-20 in DMonNN4 9UG
Northampton, S Giles 1022-3-0 in DWedNN1 5AA
Northampton, S John Bapt, Kingsthorpe 615-2-14 in FNN2 6QG
Northampton, S Mary, Dallington (GF) 67-2-2 in AFriNN5 7AA
Northampton, S Peter (GF) [CCT] 812-2-0 in FWedNN1 1SH
Northampton, S Peter & S Paul, Abington (GF) 610-1-24 in ANN3 3AB
Overstone, S Nicholas 35-3-3 in BNN6 0AE
Piddington, S John Bapt (GF) 610-2-23 in F#ThuNN7 2ER
Pitsford, All Saints (GF) 610-3-11 in ANN6 9AJ
Rothersthorpe, S Peter & S Paul (GF) 511-3-14 in GNN7 3HS
Weston Favell, S Peter (GF) 58-3-26 in G#ThuNN3 3JX
Wootton, S George M (GF) 613-2-21 in E♭TueNN4 6LQ

Map of Towers

The branch has its own website which can be accessed here:
Northampton Branch Website

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