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There are twenty five towers in the branch with bells that can be rung; over half of these being six bell towers. They stretch from Maxey in the north; Polebrook in the south; Bulwick in the west; and Peterborough (with three towers) in the east. The City of Peterborough does in fact have six rings of bells, but three are in the Ely Diocese, as the River Nene is part of the boundary between the Diocese of Peterborough and Ely.

The Branch has a regular eight bell practice once a month at Castor which does provide an opportunity for branch issues to be highlighted as necessary. The branch also uses ‘Petnet’, an email messaging system to inform members of news and announcements.

We especially welcome visitors to the branch to join in with our practices and service ringing. Please check with the tower contact to check the local ringing times.

OfficersEventsTowersBranch Map

Branch Officers

Ringing Master
Assistant Ringing Master

OfficersEventsTowersBranch Map

Branch Events

January 2022

Sat 15thAGM - click for Zoom linkZoom Meeting1600Contact Secretary on link to register


Fri 4th8-bell PracticeCastor1930


Fri 4th8-bell PracticeCastor1930


Fri 1st8-bell PracticeCastor1930


Fri 6th8-bell PracticeCastor1930


Fri 3rd8-bell PracticeCastor1930


Fri 1st8-bell PracticeCastor1930


Fri 5th8-bell PracticeCastor1930


Fri 2nd8-bell PracticeCastor1930


Fri 7th8-bell PracticeCastor1930


Fri 4th8-bell PracticeCastor1930


Fri 2nd8-bell PracticeCastor1930

OfficersEventsTowersBranch Map

Branch Towers

The 29 towers:

Bainton, S Mary (GF) (u/r) 411 cwt in PE9 3AQ
Barnack, S John Bapt (GF) 68-2-7 in G#PE9 3DN
Benefield, S Mary V 67-3-6 in GPE8 5AF
Bulwick, S Nicholas (GF) 610-0-27 in F#NN17 3DY
Castor, S Kyneburgha 810-0-9 in GMonPE5 7AX
Cotterstock, S Andrew (GF) 68-1-21 in APE8 5HH
Easton on the Hill, All Saints (GF) 611-0-16 in F#WedPE9 3NZ
Fotheringhay, S Mary & All Saints 610-1-19 in F#WedPE8 5HZ
Glapthorn, S Leonard 35 cwt in BPE8 5BE
Glinton, S Benedict (GF) 614-3-5 in EThuPE6 7JN
Hemington, S Peter & S Paul (u/r) 45 cwt in CPE8 5QJ
King's Cliffe, All Saints 611-2-22 in FMonPE8 6XQ
Lutton, S Peter (GF) 47-0-13 in APE8 5NE
Maxey, S Peter 612-0-21 in F#PE6 9HF
Nassington, S Mary V & All Saints (GF) 69-2-4 in GMonPE8 6QG
Oundle, S Peter 825-1-11 in D♭PE8 4AP
Paston, All Saints (GF) (u/r) 36-2-2 in APE4 7UN
Peterborough, Cath Ch of S Peter, S Paul, & S Andrew 1221-1-20 in EMonPE1 1XS
Peterborough, S John Bapt 825-2-22 in CPE1 1YR
Peterborough, S Mary 88-3-17 in AThuPE1 1TT
Polebrook, All Saints (GF) 511-1-7 in F#PE8 5LP
Tansor, S Mary (GF) (u/r) 37 cwt in APE8 5HN
Thornhaugh, S Andrew (GF) 55-2-1 in APE8 6HL
Ufford, S Andrew [CCT] 411-1-18 in G#PE9 3BS
Wansford, S Mary V (GF) 63-3-1 in E♭PE8 6JH
Warmington, S Mary BV 611-0-25 in F#FriPE8 6TE
Water Newton, S Remigius (GF) 310 cwt in A♭PE8 6LY
Wittering, All Saints (GF) 65-3-12 in B♭TuePE8 6AQ
Yarwell, S Mary Magd (GF) 45-0-4 in CPE8 6PR

Map of Towers

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Peterborough Branch Website

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