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The Rutland Branch covers the whole of the county of Rutland, and has the most towers of any branch. It was part of the Midland Counties Association, and joined the Guild in 1933. The county town is Oakham, but the area is most famous for the Rutland Water reservoir.

OfficersEventsTowersBranch Map

Branch Officers

Ringing Master
Deputy Ringing Master

OfficersEventsTowersBranch Map

Branch Events

January 2024

Thu 11th6-bell PracticeGreat Casterton Plain Bob Doubles1900
Sat 13thAGMNorth Luffenham
Edith Weston Tea and AGM
Tue 16th8-bell PracticeOakham1930


Wed 7th6-bell PracticeCottesmore Minor & Stedman1930
Thu 15th8-bell PracticeUppingham1930


Wed 6th6-bell PracticeBraunston Surprise1930
Tue 19th8-bell PracticeOakham1930
Fri 22ndBranch DinnerThe Barnsdale, Exton Avenue, North Shore1830


Thu 4th6-bell PracticeGreat Casterton Plain Bob & Grandsire1900
Thu 18th8-bell PracticeUppingham1930


Wed 1st6-bell PracticeCottesmore Minor & Stedman1930
Tue 21st8-bell PracticeOakham1930


Wed 5th6-bell PracticeBraunston Surprise
Thu 20th8-bell PracticeUppingham1930


Thu 4th6-bell PracticeGreat Casterton Plain Bob Doubles1900
Tue 16th8-bell PracticeOakham1930


Thu 15th8-bell PracticeUppingham1930


Wed 4th6-bell PracticeCottesmore Minor & Stedman1930
Tue 17th8-bell PracticeOakham1930


Wed 2nd6-bell PracticeBraunston Surprise
Thu 17th8-bell PracticeUppingham1930


Thu 7th6-bell PracticeGreat Casterton Plain Bob Doubles1900
Tue 19th8-bell PracticeOakham1930

January 2025

Wed 8th6-bell PracticeCottesmore Minor & Stedman1930
Sat 11th1500
Sat 18th8-bell PracticeUppingham1930


Wed 5th6-bell PracticeBraunston Surprise
Thu 20th8-bell PracticeOakham1930


Thu 6th6-bell PracticeGreat Casterton Plain Bob Doubles1900
Fri 21st8-bell PracticeUppingham1930


Wed 2nd6-bell PracticeCottesmore Minor & Stedman1930
Fri 4thBranch Dinner

OfficersEventsTowersBranch Map

Branch Towers

The 35 towers:

Practice times are 19:30 unless otherwise stated.

The character † by the tower indicates that there is more information about practices available in the tower page.

PostcodeWhat 3 Words
Ashwell, S Mary (GF) 68-2-20 in GLE15 7LPboost.vacancies.crossing
Ayston, S Mary V (GF) [CCT] 412-2-7 in GLE15 9AEplodding.buzzer.cowering
Barrowden, S Peter (GF) 69-3-17 in G#WedLE15 8EDstrength.talkative.broccoli
Belton in Rutland, S Peter (GF) 610-0-24 in GLE15 9JTcontracts.uniform.jabs
Braunston, All Saints (GF) 610-0-25 in GWed †LE15 8QSswinging.senders.zealous
Brooke, S Peter (GF) 68-1-2 in AWed †LE15 8DElays.toxic.tentacles
Caldecott, S John Ev (GF) 68-0-15 in GMon †LE16 8RNpaddle.refusals.refuse
Cottesmore, S Nicholas 614-0-3 in FThuLE15 7BWpatrolled.abode.feasts
Edith Weston, S Mary 67-0-13 in ALE15 8EYfairway.chips.storyline
Empingham, S Peter 615-2-9 in F#MonLE15 8PWirritable.chop.remarked
Exton, S Peter & S Paul 612-2-10 in GLE15 8AXexulted.cardinal.burglars
Glaston, S Andrew (GF) 67-1-22 in B♭LE15 9BNdisco.playfully.grumbles
Great Casterton, S Peter & S Paul (GF) 65-1-18 in A♭ThuPE9 4ANvisitors.change.nips
Greetham, S Mary V (GF) 610-1-5 in A♭Fri †LE15 7NXpurifier.crunched.little
Gretton, S James Gt (GF) 58-2-24 in A♭Mon †NN17 3DEsprouting.wordplay.tastier
Hambleton, S Andrew (GF) 510-2-6 in GTue †LE15 8TLponies.being.propelled
Harringworth, S John Bapt (GF) 610-2-4 in FMon †NN17 3AFcandidate.torched.listed
Ketton, S Mary the Virgin (Chime) 610-0-20 in F#PE9 3RDinspector.regularly.surreal
Langham, S Peter & S Paul 613-2-4 in FLE15
Lyddington, S Andrew 612-3-0 in FThu †LE15 9LNthunder.backed.prefect
Lyndon, S Martin (GF) 46-0-23 in ALE15 8TUhydrant.sourcing.machine
Market Overton, S Peter & S Paul (GF) 514-2-18 in F#ThuLE15 7PWchampions.ejects.unsettled
Morcott, S Mary V (GF) 46-0-0 in ALE15 9DTstays.skyrocket.album
North Luffenham, S John Bapt (GF) 611-1-14 in GLE15 8JRradar.hound.scratches
Oakham, All Saints 824-2-9 in E♭TueLE15 6DRirritate.registry.daring
Preston, S Peter & S Paul (GF) 610-0-23 in G#LE15 9NGshells.activity.rejoins
Ridlington, S Mary Magd & S Andrew (GF) 47-1-24 in B♭LE15
Ryhall, S John Ev 611-1-5 in FMonPE9 4HRplaced.drag.topics
Seaton, All Hallows (GF) 610-0-21 in GLE15 9HRconnected.zoomed.attaching
South Luffenham, S Mary V (GF) 45 cwt in CLE15
Tinwell, All Saints (GF) (u/r) 49-3-17 in GPE9 3UDnooks.affair.sleeper
Uppingham, S Peter and S Paul 814-2-2 in EThu †LE15 9QHboat.diary.motivator
Wakerley, S John Bapt (GF) (u/r) [CCT] 39 cwt in G#LE15 8PDcuter.thud.dolly
Whissendine, S Andrew 612-2-6 in EThu †LE15 7HLnests.pizzeria.flicks
Wing, S Peter & S Paul (GF) 56-3-22 in B♭Tue †LE15 8SEcouple.lightly.flickers

Map of Towers

The branch has its own website which can be accessed here:
Rutland Branch Website

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