OfficersEventsTowersBranch Map

OfficersEventsTowersBranch Map

Branch Officers

Ringing Master

OfficersEventsTowersBranch Map

Branch Events

January 2022

Sat 8thAGMThrapston1600

OfficersEventsTowersBranch Map

Branch Towers

The 22 towers:

Practice times are 19:30 unless otherwise stated.

The character † by the tower indicates that there is more information about practices available in the tower page.

PostcodeWhat 3 Words
Aldwincle, S Peter (GF) 512-2-15 in GNN14 3UUprepared.depravity.ounce
Brigstock, S Andrew (GF) 813-3-4 in EMonNN14 3JHbath.regretted.simmer
Deene, S Peter [CCT] 610-1-12 in F#NN17 3EHchariots.blesses.crouching
Denford, Holy Trinity (GF) (u/r) 67 cwt in B♭NN14 4EDtrinkets.vaccines.acrobats
Great Addington, All Saints (GF) 610-0-12 in A♭MonNN14 4BSdeclares.plankton.perplexed
Hargrave, All Saints 47 cwt in A#NN9 6BHsober.engrossed.ramp
Islip, S Nicholas 612-2-9 in F#NN14 3JRtester.swoop.stardom
Little Addington, S Mary V (GF) (u/r) 38 cwt in G#NN14 4AYtomato.extend.hoping
Lowick, S Peter 613 cwt in F#NN14 3BHthrashed.shine.script
Pilton, All Saints (GF) (u/r) 48 cwt in APE8 5SNreap.champions.relay
Raunds, S Peter (GF) 822-0-8 in E♭NN9 6JBsunflower.clasps.sketch
Ringstead, Nativity of BVM (GF) 612-1-3 in EWed †NN14 4DHsingers.investors.simple
Stanion, S Peter (GF) 611-1-4 in GThu †NN14 1DFhonest.shed.leads
Stoke Doyle, S Rumbald (GF) 510-3-10 in G#Wed
PE8 5THnightlife.silver.enabling
Sudborough, All Saints (GF) 57-1-4 in ANN14 3BXgardens.snuck.frocks
Thorpe Achurch, S John Bapt 45-0-5 in CPE8 5SGheadstone.bleak.basically
Thrapston, S James 814-0-7 in F#MonNN14 4LEevenly.offline.shred
Titchmarsh, S Mary V 817-3-22 in ENN14 3DBconned.stupidly.consumed
Twywell, S Nicholas (GF) 66-3-23 in BNN14 3AUunicorns.songbirds.norms
Wadenhoe, S Michael & All Angels (GF) 67-1-6 in GWedPE8 5SToath.forgotten.erupt
Weldon, S Mary 88-3-26 in A♭Thu †NN17 3JYnurses.abode.dangerously
Woodford, S Mary V 814-0-16 in ENN14 4EXclinking.fermented.softly

Map of Towers